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Ani Shell

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Ani shell

Ani Shell We are here with the updated version of Ani-Shell, let’s talk about the features right away. Features
  • Auto Rooter (New)
  • With auto rooter, it automatically scans for certain vulnerabilities on the server and when it finds it gives you root authority, we have added new current vulnerabilities 🙂
  • Command Line this shell with a simple command line does its job really well.
  • DDOS ( Working )
  • Shell, which has its own ddoser, allows you to direct the power of the server to your target.
  • Web Server Fuzzer (don’t try.)
  • It locks the server by giving commands to the server where the current shell is located. If you are on the server where your target is located, ani-shell can easily block access to the entire server.
  • Mass Mailer
  • Mass mailer allows you to send mass mail. If you are after small earnings, you can create a mail service and advertise on servers.
  • Mail bomber (10.03.2018 tested and working)
  • With mail bomber, you can easily make your target’s e-mail address unusable. It helps you to send thousands of e-mails per second.
  • Back Connect you can bind shell backconnect
  • Mass Code Injector you can create the file you want in the directory and parent folders you choose.
  • PHP Obfuscator (encoder) You can hide your php codes with php obfuscator.
  • Php Eval ( Run code ) It helps you to run your php code with eval.
  • MD5 Cracker
  • Google Dork Creator

Date : 25.06.22